About Us

Making travel easy, exciting and enjoyable for all!

Our Vision

We believe that travel is a core essential part of life. In the global world where boundaries no longer exist, where cultures are merging, travel is no longer a luxury of a few, it has become a need of everyone.

Thus, a core of our vision is to make each travel experience of our customers unforgettable, full of exciting discoveries, great relaxation, mind expanding sight seeing and a wonderful break from the routine of daily living.

We want each of our customers to return from the SK Happy Tripz experience rejuvenated, full of energy, peaceful mind and a fresh outlook and release that in their daily living and work!!


Our mission

THIS is what you will find at every point of SK Happy Tripz.

From the day of your enquiry, to making your trip design, to clearing your formalities, to guiding you each day while you are enjoying your trip, and finally to your return, we will be close at hand and our skilled, perfectly mannered staff we will make your trip simple and extremely enjoyable and enriching!

In the following pages you will find information on our various packages in different kinds of tours - Family, Official, Piligrimage, Honeymoon etc. The plans we have laid out are flexible and you can choose your own plan according to your tastes and preferences.